Nurse Safe



For my Human Centered Design class, we were tasked with designing and prototyping an incident reporting system for use in nursing home settings. The goal of the project was to make a system that is appealing and usable for people of varying computer literacy levels. 

Nurse Safe is a responsive web-based incident reporting system for use in all nursing home settings. This responsive system is designed to display on desktops, tablets (1024px x 768px) and mobile devices (1024px x 320px). The users of Nurse Safe include non-administrative nursing home employees, including, Certified Nurse Aides, Certified Medical Aides, Licensed Vocational Nurses, and more. Nurse Safe has functionality and features including, but not limited to, creating incident reports, assigning case numbers, alerts monitoring, messaging employees, and password recovery.  


Design Process:

My goal for this project was to keep the user interface simple and easy to use to ensure that target users with different computer literacy levels could all use Nurse Safe effectively. My design process included: 

  1. concept mapping

  2. task flows

  3. site map

  4. sketching

  5. wireframes

  6. annotated wireframes

  7. color contrast checks

  8. final designs

  9. prototyping


Concept Mapping

To begin my design process I always start with concept mapping. This HCD exercise helps get my ideas flowing and allows me to see relationships between the different features. In this concept map I mapped out all of the features of an incident reporting system and explored their relationships to help ideate and innovate. 



Task Flows

Creating task flows helped me to understand the behaviors associated with specific tasks and what screens would be used for each task. This specific task flow is for reviewing and exporting submitted reports from the report center. The user is able to view submitted reports, not edit the information. The user is also able to export the full report to save for their own personal files.



During my sketching process I thought about different ways to display similar information. For this assignment, I did two rounds of sketching. My first round of sketching included drawing thumbnails in my sketchbook. After drawing around 50-60 thumbnails of the system I had a better idea of what I would need to include in my final sketches. 

Nurse Safe Sitemap


By creating a sitemap I was able to figure out the information architecture of the Nurse Safe system. Everything in a box signifies a new page or section. The items below these items are added features to that page. 


Interactive Prototype

To create my interactive prototype I created each individual screen in Sketch. Then, I used the Craft Manager plugin for sketch to upload my designs to Invision. Once my designs were synced I was able to link the pages together using Invision. 

Full Design Documentation

My full design documentation can be viewed in the link below.